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LOCATION: 5 states and 2 countries 
46% of participants from Las Cruces, NM

GENDER - Female: 61 % Male: 39% 

16 & under : 70% 
17 to 24 : 25% 
25+: 5% 


What began as a dream in 1994, with an initial participation of 239 students, has grown into an international conference 
attracting students from neighboring Mexico and as far away as Germany and Japan. Through the years, the Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference has never lost sight of the original dream, which brings together the educational aspects of traditional Mariachi music and Folkloric dance with performing opportunities. An additional benefit is reconnecting our youth and families 
with their culture. Thus, Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference contributes to preserving the cultural art forms that are so deeply interwoven in New Mexico and the Southwest.


The conference incorporates three days of music, dance, and voice workshops, a student participant reception, the Student Music and Dance Showcase Concert, and the Spectacular Concert. With the focus 
on youth, including at-risk school-age youth, the conference contributes to retention in music and dance programs in both school and community programs.

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