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Vocalist Audition Instructions

DEADLINE: Audition Deadline October 20, 2023 (Youtube Link Received)

PREREQUISITES: Vocalists must be registered participants of the 2023 

Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference (LCIMC) prior to submitting an audition.

SELECTION PROCESS: Individual vocalists wishing to audition to perform at the Student Showcase

must submit their audition link no later than October 20, 2023. Selection for performance at Student Showcase on November 10, 2023 is by audition only.

An independent panel of judges will review the auditions and make the selections.

Winners will be announced on the last Mariachi Sunday at the Mesilla Plaza. If you are not present, you

will be notified by phone.

ELISA GASTELLUM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Robert & Terri Gastellum and their chosen panel

of judges will announce the winner of the Elisa Gastellum Memorial Scholarship at the end of the 

Student Showcase. To find out how to qualify for the scholarship, please visit:\

A total of six (6) vocalists will be selected to perform at the Student Showcase.

RECORDING GUIDELINES: All solo vocalists must submit an audition via Youtube.

Choose a room with the best possible acoustics for your recording

          •    Use high-grade equipment

          •    Check your recording level to be sure the playback is loud enough but not distorted.

          •    Record two or three selections that are representative of your intended performance.

          •    Prepare a list of your recorded selection in order and attach it to your email.

          •    In your email include the name of solo vocalist, address,

                and contact phone number.

          •    Send a brief typed biography of the vocalist along with a current photo.

          •    Acceptable video formats: Youtube Link

COSTUME GUIDELINES: Costuming is just as important as how you sing! As you plan for your

audition, please note the following guidelines:

OVERALL AUDITION CRITERIA: Prepare a audition that reflects your best performance skills. Your audition is evaluated using the following criteria:

          •    Appearance - costume uniformity and creativity

          •    Interpretation of Music and/or choreography - contribution to overall show value through 

                interpretation of music and/or choreography, facial expression, fluidity of movement, dynamics

                and phrasing

          •    Showmanship - ability to display a sense of flair, style and energy

          •    Stage Presence - posture and focus on performance

          •    Technical Execution - level of technical achievement in music and overall stage movement

                including accuracy of notes and rhythms, precision of movement, intonation, dynamics and 


          •    Show Content - effectiveness of program choice, including creativity and variety

          •    Technical and interpretive ability of featured soloist

          •    Show value - overall effectiveness of the performance as a show element

          •    Sing musically with special attention to enunciation, intonation, balance and phrasing. Maintain

                good posture, energy and stage presence.




SUBJECT: 2023 Vocal Audition

DEADLINE: Audition Deadline October 20, 2023 (Received via email)

QUESTIONS: Call the LCIMC office at 575-680-3123

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