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Mexican Folk Dancers

Spectacular Concert


30   Anniversary


Stage Mist

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán

   Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán, a renowned mariachi music ensemble, was established over half a century ago by the late Jose “Pepe” Martinez, Sr., who served as the musical director of Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán for an impressive 38 years. Following Pepe's transition from Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán to Vargas, his brother Fernando took over the group. Presently, Fernando Martinez, a former vocalist and violinist of Mariachi Vargas and brother to Vargas' musical director Carlos Martinez, leads the ensemble. Alongside Fernando, his two brothers – Angel Martinez (the group’s manager) and Arturo Alejandro Martinez (guitarist) – are part of Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán, along with Fernando’s son, Luis Fernando Martinez.

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán boasts an extraordinary history as one of Mexico’s premier mariachi music groups, amassing a performance record that spans over five decades and encompasses more than 60 album recordings. The ensemble showcases 15 members, including 7 violins, 3 trumpets, and an armonia section comprising 1 harp, 1 guitarron, 2 guitars, and 1 vihuela. Over six decades, Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán has ascended to the pinnacle of the mariachi world, gracing prestigious events and sharing the stage with eminent singers and symphony orchestras.

The group’s origins date back to its founding in Guadalajara in 1965 by brothers José “Pepe” Martínez (1941-2016) and Fernando Martínez (1946-1998). Today, the ensemble, consisting of fifteen highly accomplished musicians and vocalists, faithfully performs a repertoire encompassing traditional rancheras, sones, huapangos, boleros, and classically influenced favorites, all reflective of the Martínez family tradition. Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán continues to enchant audiences under the musical guidance of Fernando Martínez, joined on stage by his brothers Ángel and Alex, and son Luis Fernando. This musical legacy, spanning nearly six decades, is an integral part of the Martínez family heritage.



Mariachi Cobre from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl, recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary as a performance group.  Founded by brothers, Randy and Steve Carrillo and friend, Mack Ruiz, Mariachi Cobre has performed in both national and international venues and accompanied popular vocalists including Lola Beltran, Linda Ronstadt, Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Fernandez, Ana Barbara, and Graciela Beltran.  Since 1982, Mariachi Cobre has delighted visitors at the internationally famous EPCOT CENTER. For a total of 23 years, Mariachi Cobre, former educators and professional musicians, have instructed and directed the educational Mariachi Music Workshops at the annual LCIMC. Cobre is a favorite group across the United States, and especially in the Southwest.

Master of Ceremonies

José Ronstadt

We are so excited to announce a great supporter and friend of the Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference, will be returning as the Spectacular Concert Master of Ceremonies!

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