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Las Cruces International

Mariachi Conference

The Mission of LCIMC is to preserve and promote the cultural art forms of Mariachi Music and Folkloric Dance through educational workshops and performance opportunities for youth and adults.


Talented Mariachi groups, vocalists, and Folkloric Dancers attending the workshops audition for the opportunity to perform at this popular concert held during the conference. Students are judged by an independent committee by criteria, including music and dance skills, appearance, level of ability, and group performance skills. The selected student performers entertain and audience of approximately 2,000. 

A popular place to get the local community excited for the coming Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference are the Mariachi Sundays. For several weeks leading up to our conference you will find us lighting up the community with the vibrant sounds of Mariachis and Folkloric Dancers filling the fall air. 


This exciting cultural event of the year in the Las Cruces area, the Spectacular Concert, is a the performance of world famous vocalists, along with world-renowned mariachi groups. The Spectacular Concert combines over 500 workshop students in performance with world-class musicians and dancers during the staged opening numbers. And audience of approximately 8,000 supports the student performers as well as the featured vocalists and mariachis. 

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